protecting providers' health and wellness

This weekend, our first medical resident tested positive for SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Most importantly, they’re doing ok. They stayed home since the first hint of symptoms, are now asymptomatic, and will return to work later this week per our employee health guidelines. Despite this, the news was jarring. It’s impossible to knowContinue reading “protecting providers' health and wellness”

face your fear friday

During my fourth year of medical school, I took improv and comedy writing classes at the Second City (when social distancing ends, I highly recommend this). My writing teacher introduced us to an idea called Face Your Fear Friday (known henceforth as FYFF). He encouraged his students to do something that terrified us once perContinue reading “face your fear friday”

love in the time of covid

Let me start by acknowledging that this pandemic is hard for everyone. We all have the pit of anxiety in our stomachs. Many face major financial insecurity with stock market losses, business and school closures. I know people whose weddings, family members’ funerals, and dream vacations have been cancelled. My friend’s grandma recently enrolled inContinue reading “love in the time of covid”

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